Gingrich on Bush 41: ‘No Question’ the Liberal Media Loves Republicans When They’re Dead

‘The liberal media despised Ronald Reagan until he had passed away’


KILMEADE: "I don’t know how you feel about it, but Michael Goodwin writes essentially all these great qualities have always been out there but the press never gave him a fair shake between -- and they basically like Republicans when they’re dead."
GINGRICH: "There is no question about it. The liberal media despised Ronald Reagan until he had passed away, at which point they found many wonderful things. They attacked President George H.W. Bush relentlessly. They hated his 1988 winning campaign when they thought Dukakis should win. And now of course, they’re praising him. Let’s not kid ourselves, 30% of the great affection we’re seeing in the Washington establishment is in contrast with President Trump. These are people who see this as an occasion, oh, those were the good old days. The truth is this is different era doing different things. I thought that the Trumps and the Bushes got along very well this week.”

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