Fox’s Brit Hume to Juan Williams: Who Decides What ‘Better Coverage’ Means?

‘Whose idea of better coverage? Their idea or the government’s?’

Hume Challenges Juan Williams Over Obamacare: ‘Whose Idea of Better Coverage, the Government’s?’ (Mediaite)

Fox analysts Juan Williams and Brit Hume clashed on Fox News Sunday over President Barack Obama’s claim that people who liked their health insurance policies would be able to keep them under Obamacare, with Hume alleging that the government was forcing people to accept coverage they didn’t want, and Williams calling the outrage over cancelled policies “empty rhetoric.”

“I get the sense that people on the Republican side are enjoying this moment, but this is empty rhetoric,” Williams said, noting that everybody with cancelled policies would still be covered, and would potentially get better and cheaper coverage under the exchanges. “This is not the apocalypse.”

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