Sam Donaldson Claims the Press Corps Hasn’t ‘Swooned’ over a President Since JFK

‘The press corps was undoubtedly smaller’ during George H.W. Bush’s term

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DONALDSON: "Well, for presidents, of course, they had to deal with the three networks. They had to deal with the newspapers, the wire services. But that was it. There wasn't anybody else there. So the press corps was undoubtedly smaller. And, you know, the Washington press corps has not swooned over a president since John F. Kennedy. But in the case of George H.W. Bush, it was above the line. He was accessible, as you said, and he also understood our job. I never heard of him calling a reporter to chew him out, never being angry at a reporter. As Charles said, of course, the presidents don't like everything they read or see, but he understood what we were about. Although one time, he said to me, you know, some of you can be whiners.“

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