Scott Bolden: Trump Should Be More Scared About What Other Deals Are in the Pipeline

‘We don’t know what Mueller knows’


BOLDEN: “They’ve got to be interviewed. As a former prosecutor, prosecutor’s love this type of stuff. Not just because it’s — there may be an inconsistency with what Trump wrote and what Michael Cohen pled to, but this crux — this intersection of business and political interests and whose interest Donald Trump is representing I think I’m more scared or — Trump should be more scared of what other deals are in the pipeline. Because if he lied about this while he was campaigning and still cuddling or coddling Putin, then whose interest is he representing? Are there other business deals? And remember this part. We don’t know what Mueller knows. Mueller shows what he wants you to see, and at the right time he drops other indictments or charges. And if I was Donald Trump right now and I know he’s a subject that he knows a subject and possible target of this investigation right now, the walls are closing in. Or at least the pyramid prosecution, they’re up to here right now with the top being Donald Trump. They’re on their way.”

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