Donny Deutsch: There Will Be More To Come from Michael Cohen; This Is Just the Beginning

‘There’s probably a lot more to come’


DEUTSCH: “Michael Cohen was a consigliore, a capo for Trump. So whether Trump directed him to lie, and I think that's going to be interesting if that comes out, or if he did in on his own, he was doing it because this is his boss and he was the front man and very personally, personally tied up. The important thing to look at also yesterday was the sentence. Here he is pleading guilty. And once again, he does not have a formal agreement with the special prosecutor’s office, so this was not something, to Emily’s point, that he had to do. It has nothing to do with why he did what he did. But he only got six months to serve concurrently with where he’s going to be sentenced December 12th for lying to Congress, which means he got nothing. That tells you what that was worth to Mueller. That tells you there’s probably a lot more to come. According to Michael, there will be a very lengthy letter by Mueller written to the judge in the Southern District case about his 70 hours of cooperation, about an A-plus cooperating witness without an agreement, and I think this tells you what is to come. There will be more to come from Michael Cohen. This is, I think, just the beginning.”

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