Lewandowski: I Fired Roger Stone from the Campaign; He’s a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

‘Roger Stone is a conspiracy theorists that makes up crazy ideas’


LEWANDOWSKI: "Roger Stone’s history with Donald Trump goes back for 30 years. He's been someone who has known then-Mr. Trump and worked with him through business dealings long before we ever started a political campaign or long before I ever met Mr. Trump. When I came to the Trump Organization in January 2015 to start to look at him potentially running for president, Roger Stone was living in Florida and speaking to Mr. Trump on a fairly regular basis at that point. As the campaign progressed, we launched a campaign, and Roger Stone I ultimately fired in about August of 2015. And he was not around the campaign very much. He worked through Sam Nunberg, who was his emissary to the campaign, and then by August or September of 2015 I also fired Sam."
BERMAN: "Why did you fire Roger Stone?"
LEWANDOWSKI: "He was not doing anything in the campaign. He was living in Florida — I don’t know what he was doing, to be honest with you, but he had no value so I did not want to pay somebody for not doing anything."

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