Toobin: ‘I Feel Personally Responsible’ for Talking Too Much About Hillary Emails

‘Trump has never cared about this issue’


TOOBIN: “That’s right. But it also underlines how the Trump family recognizes what a bogus issue this whole thing was. That it was just minor. You know, people in government have — sometimes have two e-mail addresses, sometimes they mix and match what they do. It is done routinely, it is no big deal. Hillary Clinton did it, Ivanka Trump did it. By the way, her husband Jared Kushner, there were earlier reports he did it, too. It is not a big deal when Ivanka and Jared do it, it was not a big deal when Hillary Clinton did it. And I feel some personal responsibility, having spoken a lot about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, that I at least, I don’t speak for anyone but myself, spent too much time talking about a minor issue in the 2016 campaign. And I think this recognizes — this shows that Trump has never cared about this issue, it was just a political wedge.“

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