GOP Attorney: ‘Democrats Have Shown That They Are Not Willing To Respect the Will of the Voters’

‘I think that the Democrats look at elections these days as an opportunity for litigation’


JOHNSON: “You know, I think that the Democrats look at elections these days as an opportunity for litigation. You know, they — it’s just like redistricting. They haven’t been successful at the ballot box. And they are unwilling to believe that the same voters that could put Donald Trump in the White House would be the voters that would select their representatives now. They are unwilling to believe that so they are taking their fight to the courthouses. They feel like it’s our job and we did this with governor Scott’s lead. It’s our job to make sure that these rules are followed and to protect the decision that the voters made on November 6th. I don’t think there was voter suppression. I think it was important to make sure the law was followed and I was proud to be a part of governor Scott’s mandate to make sure that happened.”

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