Valerie Jarrett on Michelle Obama Running for Office: ‘It Will Never Happen’

‘Her point is that we have to be willing to tell our whole stories, our truths’


CAMEROTA: "I want to also talk about another issue that she has now talked about that for a long time they didn't, and that was all the birtherism, the conspiracies theories that Donald Trump raised for years. So here she is on what she told Oprah last week. Listen to this."
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M. OBAMA: "I don't think he knew what he was doing. That for him it was a game. And for the commander in chief, which he now is, the threats and security risks that you face as the commander in chief -- not even within your home country but around the world -- are real. And your children are at risk. And the difference, when you -- when you're now in that position you understand that while you live in a bubble, your children have to live outside of the bubble. And in order for my children to have a normal life, even though they had security, they were in the world in a way that we weren't."
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CAMEROTA: It was interesting to hear her open up about that. And so, Valerie, that leads us to, of course, the $64,000 question. You know lots of people are wondering if Michelle Obama herself is considering some public service, if she would run for president ever, or office. Where is she on that?" 
JARRETT: "Let me be very clear, it will never happen. She has committed her life to public service and she's going to use her incredible platform to be a force for good, but not in politics. You can bank on that." 
CAMEROTA: "So you're saying there's a chance? No."
JARRETT: "No. Let me be very -- let me just be abundantly clear with you or else I have to go back home and face her. No, it will not happen." 

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