Charles Ellison: Congressional Black Caucus Should Call for Scalise’s ‘Head on a Platter’

‘It’s a bit amazing and I’m a bit stumped that there hasn’t been enough noise made calling for his resignation ... make a player move’

Charles Ellison: Congressional Black Caucus Should Call for Scalise's 'Head on a Platter' (NewsBusters)

Nothing says celebrating nonviolent civil-rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. Day than calling for someone's "head on a platter," either literally or figuratively.

Enter Charles Ellison of the Philadelphia Tribune, who also contributes to Slate affiliate In a panel discussion on the January 19 edition of MSNBC's Hardball regarding Rep. Steve Scalise's statement honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the liberal journalist lamented how the Congressional Black Caucus was not demanding the Louisiana Republican's ouster, and how the Pelican State's lone Democratic congressman had defended the House Majority Whip against charges of racism.

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