Schiff: If Trump Runs Against Pelosi To ‘Rile His Base’ Then ‘We Need the Strongest General That We Have’ and That’s Her

‘We’re going to have new leadership in the caucus’


SCHIFF: “Look, we’re going to have a lot of new people in the leadership. They may not be in the very top position or top positions, but we’re going to have new leadership in the caucus. We’ve got a great breadth of talent that’s coming up through the ranks. But I will say this, we’re going into a fight likely with the president. I certainly hope that this president decides that it’s in his naked, personal self-interest because that’s the only thing that motivates him to work with Democrats on an infrastructure bill, on bringing down prescription drug prices. But if he decides it isn’t, if he continues along this path where the only thing he wants to do is rile his base.”

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