Conway: Matt Whitaker’s Comments as a Private Citizen on TV Don’t Disqualify Him from Overseeing Mueller

‘I’ve never heard the president mention Matt Whitaker and Bob Mueller in the same sentence’

STEPHANOPOULOS: One of the things that everyone has been waiting for is whether the president answer the questions of Rober Mueller. Does the president intend to submit written answers to the questions from Mueller. Will he meet with him in person?

CONWAY: Well, you would have to ask his outside counsel that. But I don’t know — I can’t realy blame the president if he doesn’t just because of everything that has happened with this investigation.

But at the same time, he has always said he would be willing to answer the questions. I read a report this week. And I’m careful not to ask for verification (inaudible), I work in the White House. I’m not the president’s outside counsel, George, that the president may be submitting answers to questions. So, we’ll see what happens.

But I have to repeat it, 1.4 million pieces of paper and over 33 people have met with Mr. Mueller in some type of capacity. We’ve been nothing but helpful here.

And I think comments that Matt Whitaker made as a private citizen on cable TV does not disqualify him from being fair and impartial, by overseeing this investigation.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So, the president does not want him to recuse from the Mueller investigation?

CONWAY: The president has not discussed that with me. In fact, this morning when he called me from Paris he said I’m 100 percent — we were talking about other things, but I’m 100 percent behind Matt Whitaker, and he’s never asked him to recuse — in fact, I’ve never heard the president mention Matt Whitaker and Bob Mueller in the same sentence in my presence. And I’ve been in some of those meetings in the Oval Office with Matt Whitaker. He’s there doing the Justice Department’s business.

The Justice Department does an awful lot more for this country beyond the Mueller investigation, and we should remember that.

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