Schiff: Whitaker’s Only Qualified By Virtue of Very Political and Partisan Comments He Has Made

‘They know as well as we do this new appointee is not qualified for this position’


SCHIFF: “But probably the most powerful thing we can do right now is make it abundantly clear that we will demand answers when we do possess those gavels. So if there is any effort to obstruct or subvert justice here, we will find out about it and people will be held to account. That ought to be made crystal clear from this point. But I would also urge my Republican colleagues to do something they have thus far shown unwillingness to do, and that is to stand up to this president and defend the rule of law. They know, as well as we do, that this new appointee is not qualified for this position. He's only qualified by virtue of some very political and partisan comments he has made which have endeared him to the President. We ought to act now legislatively to protect Bob Mueller, and more broadly, to protect the rule of law."

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