Jim Jordan: ‘Ridiculous’ for the Left To Say Whitaker Has To Recuse Himself

‘It makes no sense’


JORDAN: “Let’s hope so. The straight answer is we don’t know, but the left is saying that Whitaker should recuse himself is ridiculous. Rod Rosenstein has overseen the Mueller investigation, Rod Rosenstein wrote the memo for firing Comey, overseeing special counsel Mueller, who is looking into the firing of Comey. And he doesn’t have to recuse himself? We said he should recuse himself a long time ago, but somehow because Whitaker wrote something along time ago, critical of the special counsel, he does have to do — it makes no sense. I hope they investigate the very things you’re talking about, because that is where the abuse is at play, when one party used in opposition research document by the other party to go to a FISA court to get a warrant to spy on a presidential campaign paid out is as wrong as it gets.”


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