Adam Schiff: ‘This President Is Guided by One Thing Alone and That’s What’s Good for Donald Trump’

‘The country doesn’t matter that much’


SCHIFF: "Well, look, this is why, if he doesn’t recuse himself, that any decision he makes in the Mueller investigation is going to have a taint about it. It’s going to cause a profound question among the public about whether these decisions are being made by the new Attorney General, Acting Attorney General in the interest of justice or purely in Donald Trump’s legal liability interests. This is exactly why he ought to recuse himself, and one question that we have here in Congress right now is did he, was he forced somehow to make a commitment to the President to ignore the advice of ethics lawyers at the Justice Department or not seek out their advice? Was that part of his getting the job because this President is guided by one thing alone and that’s what’s good for Donald Trump. The country doesn’t matter that much."

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