Ingraham: Trump Should Tap Chris Christie for AG

‘He has already walked through the media fire’


INGRAHAM: “Laura: We got Terwilliger on the list. I’m trying to hint around this, Andy. You gave it away. You have Joe on the list. You have Terwilliger on the list. Yes, you are. I’m going to make a suggestion. Just to throw it out there, you can all criticize and attack. It’s fine. I’m going to make a suggestion of Chris Christie. There are a number of reasons why Christie would be good and we might have him out of order if we have a graphic. Number one, he has an 18 your personal relationship with the president. They get along, they know each other. He has already walked through the media fire. He knows what it’s like to be in the bright, white spotlight of the New York media, and frankly the national media. I think temperamentally he and trump are similar. They get along as people. They have kind of a similar that’s not a detriment in this job whatsoever. He was known as a type of nails prosecutor, very well respected by career prosecutors at doj. I think bridge-gates — I do not think any of that matters with the number of Republicans we have in the Senate, Christie would be confirmed. If the president said this is the guy we want, I think Chris Christie would get confirmed. I don’t think it’s much of a problem. I do not think that beach closure is going to knock him out of it, okay? That’s my view.”

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