‘The View’ Condemns Hannity for ‘Fake News’ Jab at Trump Rally: Puts Fox News-ers in a ‘Really Tough Situation’

‘I think of Bret Baier, Harris Faulkner and Shep Smith and the really good journalists who work at Fox’


MCCAIN: “When I think — I think of Bret Baier, and Harris Faulkner, and Shep Smith, and the really, really good journalists who work at Fox, and this makes their life and their jobs much harder." [crosstalk]
HUNTSMAN: "My friend was in the audience, Kristin Fisher, who is one of those reporters. He was pointing back to them, so I totally agree with you and it puts them in a really tough situation. Hannity also said he wasn’t going to do that. He tweeted before that it wasn’t going to happen, and it did."

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