Sen. Chris Murphy: Blame Bush for Radicalization of Terrorists who Killed Cartoonists

‘We’re living with a decade-long mistake in Iraq that radicalized thousands already, no matter whether or not ISIS was present in that region’

Dem Sen. Murphy to Maddow: Blame Bush for Radicalization of Hebdo Terrorists (NewsBusters)

"We Blame George W. Bush" is a recurring category in James Taranto's "Best of the Web Today" column at the Wall Street Journal.  The meme mocks the penchant of progressives to blame the former president for everything under the sun.  

The phenomenon was illustrated in an ugly way on last night's Rachel Maddow Show. Dem Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut blamed the existence of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists on, yup, W.  Oh, Murphy didn't call 43 out by name. He didn't have to. Instead, Murphy went out of his way to claim that the murderers weren't radicalized by ISIS [which might thus be attributable to Obama's neglect], but instead as a result of "the invasion and occupation of Iraq," which he described as a "decade-long mistake."  Got it?  Iraq not ISIS. Decade-long, not recent.  Not Obama's fault.  All together now: We Blame George W. Bush.

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