David Gregory: ‘Within the Jewish Community President Trump Is Extremely Polarizing’

‘The Jewish community is divided in a way that I have never seen it before’


GREGORY: "You know, I think in this political climate, I think President Trump is a polarizing figure. I think, to be even more precise, within the Jewish community, President Trump is extremely polarizing. The Jewish community is divided in a way that I have never seen it before between support for a president who is very strong on Israel, which itself is controversial because there’s lots of views within the Jewish community about Israel and its leadership and its relationship to the Jewish diaspora particularly in America, and those who have some real problems with the President and the way he talks about immigrants and other ways he expresses himself. Look, I think as a country we have to do a couple of things. We have to recognize that this is what our leaders do, that sometimes our leaders are controversial, but this is still the right thing. In my view I take a lead from Rabbi Myers at Tree of Life who understands that this is our president and he has some solace to provide in this time of need, in this time of grieving, and I expect he will do all of that in a sensitive way."

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