Rep. Schiff on Trump, Synagogue Shooting: ‘No Escaping the Tone He Sets’

‘And the tone that he sets is one of division, often one of hatred’

SCHIFF: "The problem is not how he's handling the aftermath. Although I don't agree that this could have been avoided or mitigated if someone was armed in the synagogue. That's not the answer. The broader issue is what kind of climate are we create not guilty the country? This country is filled with amazing beautiful wonderful people who came here, many of them, attracted by the idea this was a land of opportunity no no matter your religion, ethnic origin, your color. That idea is being tested by those who are preaching hatred and division. And we have to overcome that. And I think the president has a pivotal role there. No one sets the tone more than the president of the united States. And the tone that he sets is one of division. Often one of hatred. Sometimes one of incitement of violence against journalists and there is no escaping our collective responsibility, but there's no escaping the tone that he sets for the country.”

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