Steve Schmidt: ‘Trump Is the Singularly Greatest Demagogue in America’s History’

‘We are in an emergency’


WILLIAMS: "His attacks this evening included crooked Hillary and the news media our friend, Steve Schmidt, remains with us. If in your view, we are in an emergency. After I recall Hurricane Harvey in Texas, all of our living president and we are fortunate to live in a time when we have so many living president and members of the small exclusive club, all of our presidents came together to fund raise. They made a television spot and public service announcement. In your view in terms of prominent Americans speaking up and saying this is a moment here, folks. Are we in any sort of emergencies."
SCHMIDT: "We are in an emergency because we have a president of the United States who is not the commander in chief as much as he is insider in chief. He’s stoking a cold civil war in the United States and the consequence of it with regards to the sick mind of this terrorist that was nearly the assassination of two former presidents, secretary of state and vice president, and many other prominent leaders of the Democratic Party. The violence, the menace, trump is the singularly greatest demagogue in America’s history and he degraded our culture and civility in it faster than any person in American history. It was not terrific to begin with. There is a crisis of cowardness and leadership. We see few Republicans speaking out on what is clearly causation between this sick person and the cult to which he pledge of total obedience."

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