Del Percio: ‘Republicans Have to Call out’ Trump’s Tweets; ‘Their Souls Are on the Line’

‘Republicans have to call this out, this tweet, right now — because their souls are on the line’

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DEL PERCIO: "And when you think about it, Willie, you -- when we've been asking, why would Saudi Arabia think they could get away with killing a 'Washington Post' reporter and sending him a hit team and dismembering him? And what -- why is it they think the U.S. would be silent? Well, we see today's tweet, that this president does not respect the media, he does not respect the First Amendment and that we -- our values are just fading away in the world stage. And I just find that so disturbing, because when you start look even at the coverup that the crown prince used, and now we have these right-wing conspiracies, about maybe it was really the Democrats. Republicans have to call this out, this tweet, right now, because their souls are on the line."

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