Katty Kay on Rick Scott Lies About Health Care: ‘I Don’t Think Voters Are that Stupid’

‘I don’t think it’s going to help governor Rick Scott too much’


KAY: “So at the very time that you have all of these Republicans out on the campaign trail saying, 'I’m a firm supporter of pre-existing conditions,' you also have the White House saying, 'Yeah, but we would actually like more plans that don’t have pre-existing conditions, as well.' So continuously trying to chip away at the thing that's become incredibly popular. We’ve been saying this for the last two or three years, that as we’ve watched the ObamaCare approval numbers rise, we knew this would be an election issue and the Democrats should carry on running on it. I don’t think it’s going to help Rick Scott very much. I just got back from Florida last night. Even if you disbelieve some of those poll ratings that have just come out in the last couple of days, he’s not doing well in the polls in the state. Suddenly saying that he’s in favor of something that the whole state knows that he has tried to do away with, I don’t think voters are that stupid. They know what Republicans have tried to do to ObamaCare for the last few years."

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