Rep. Schiff: Trump ‘Conspiracy Theory’ that Russia Probe a ‘Witch Hunt’ Something We’ll have to ‘Recover from When this Awful Trump Era Is Over’

‘Michael Flynn had his own conversations with the Russians and lied about them and was convicted of it’


SCHIFF: “Well, look. It’s sad that even after these multiple convictions of multiple high-level people within Trump orbit, not only the President, but you have people amplifying his witch hunt comments on Fox. You have a whole basic information ecosystem propagating the President’s line. It is deeply destructive. These deep state theories, we used to basically laugh at third-world countries for having these crazy conspiracy theories. But now they’re being promulgated here in the United States, and you can see the damage it’s done to the FBI and the Justice Department. It will be among the many things that we will have to recover from when this awful Trump era is over.”

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