Van Jones: ‘Much More Likely’ Trump’s Paying for Migrant Caravan than Soros

‘This is lies on top of lies on top of lies’


JONES: "I think it’s much more likely that Donald Trump is paying for this than for George Soros to be paying for it. This is exactly the worst kind of thing to be happening in a moment like this because what it does, it gives another talking point to Donald Trump, 'Look at these invading hordes, et cetera, et cetera.' I do want to say one thing, which is, just because someone is Middle Eastern — of course, there are no Middle Eastern people there, but that doesn’t mean that they’re bad, doesn't mean that they're terrorists. We're in this world now where Trump can say 'Middle Eastern' and everybody then immediately somehow begins to think of terrorists. Most of the terrorist incidents we’ve had in the United States are not being committed by Middle Eastern people, by Muslims. They're being committed by right wing extremists in our own country. So I just — it's just lie on top of lie on top of lie wrapped up in lies and then with some lies smeared on top of it.

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