Trump on Cruz: The Campaign ‘Got Nasty’ But Now ‘Nobody Has Helped Me More’

‘We are defending together, with a lot of other great Republicans, your freedom’


TRUMP: “In just 15 days, Texas will be elect a man has become a really good friend of mine. We had difficulties. If you remember, in the beginning, it was a love fest. The fake news kept saying, when are they going to break up? And they say it will pick up. We had a rally in Washington, D.C. Together. They said what are you doing? We had a rally together. Then we said it is time and it got nasty. Then it ended and I will tell you what. Nobody has helped me more with tax cuts, regulation, and all of the things we're doing, including with the military and veterans, then senator Ted Cruz. He defended your jobs. He defended your borders. We are defending the order, by the way. In case you haven't noticed. We are defending the border. He defends your families. We are defending together, with a lot of other great Republicans, your freedom.

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