Keith Ellison: Louis Farrakhan Had ‘Some Things’ to Offer in Early 90s

‘Look, in the early 1990s, Louis Farrakhan was a person speaking the issues of African-American civil rights’

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ELLISON: "I absolutely, unqualifiedly denounced and dismissed and rejected the views of Louis Farrakhan. I've been — I've said that many, many years ago — look, in the early 1990s Louis Farrakhan was a person speaking to issues of African-American civil rights. At that time he had some things I thought he had to offer. He made it very clear in the early 90s that his views and mine were absolutely incompatible and I've been saying that ever since and my opponents keep on dragging it up. It isn't true."
WARDLOW: "If I can respond to that, because 'The Washington Post,' for a gentleman who dissociated yourself from Mr. Farrakhan, has actually said that — it gave you four Pinocchios. In 1995 you penned an op-ed in 'Insight News' —"
ELLISON: '95 was a long time ago. My views have changed dramatically since then."

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