GOP Rep. Peter King Roasts President For ‘Shielding’ Saudi Arabia, President Obama, That Is

‘I think the president should go all the way on this’


KING: “I think the president should go all the way on this. It is a first step. It’s not a believable first step. They’re admitting he was killed in that consulate. There’s no way that one person, an overweight civil January, has to be killed. They could have brought him down with no trouble at all. I believe there was an intent to kill him. During the Obama Administration I led the fight to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia. President Obama fought us every step of the way. All presidents want to maintain some sort of relationship. That relationship cannot allow savagery like this. I would like to impose sanctions, delaying armed sales or making a clear condemnation, but not hurt ourselves. The Saudis provide effective intelligence. They’re working with us against Iran and working closely with Israel. What happened here was savagery.”

(Via Mediaite)

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