Rep. Adam Schiff on Saudis, Khashoggi: ‘Ought To Be a Relationship Altering Event’

‘Ultimately the president is going to accept the crown prince’s denials’


STEPHANOPOULOS: "We’re joined by Democrat Adam Schiff and Republican Peter king. Congressman Schiff, let me start with you. What more can you tell us about what you know?"
SCHIFF: "I got a detailed briefing from the intelligence community about what they know and what they can tell us at this point. I can tell you I don’t find this Saudi account credible at all. There’s simply no way they dispatched a team this large and that Khashoggi engaged in some kind of brawl with them unless he was fighting for his life. I think we can see where this is headed. Ultimately the president is going to accept the crown prince’s denials, but it’s hard for me to imagine that these orders would have been carried out without the knowledge of the count prince. This ought to be a relationship altering event for the U.S. And Saudi Arabia. We ought to suspend military sales and security assistance and we ought to impose sanctions on any directly involved in this murder. This ought to be something that causes us to do a re-examination of our relationship with Saudi Arabia."

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