MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘Republicans Are Desperately Trying To Hang on to Power By Stoking Fear and Resentment’

‘They care about riling up their base’


HAYES: “Republicans are desperately trying to hang on power. Former Republican congressman Matt Gates tweeted out a video he claimed without any basis showed women and children in Honduras being given money to join the caravan and storm the U.S. Border at election time. The president then shared the same video writing can you believe this? And what Democrats are allowing to be done to our country. Of course, to be clear, there is no evidence the Democrats or George Soros have anything to do with that video, which for one thing appears to be filmed in Guatemala, not Honduras, and on Twitter a Guatemalan tourist said a collection had been taken up for migrants. But people like Matt Gates and Donald Trump don’t care about evidence or context or the truth here. They care about riling up their base, which is why they are now spotlighting a caravan of migrants fleeing violence and desperately seeking a better life in the U.S.”

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