Mika Urges Use of the 25th Amendment: Trump Is ‘Not Fit to Lead,’ He Is ‘Not Well’

‘I don’t understand the people in this administration taking matters into their own hands and trying to sort of stick it out because they can keep things together’


BRZEZINSKI: “We are losing our influence because this is the type of man who calls a woman a horseface. By the way, a woman he chose to have sex with. I don’t even know where that begins and ends and I wouldn’t want to pick that apart. But if you look at how he is speaking on the international stage about the murder of a 'Washington Post' reporter, that itself should be deeply disturbing to anybody who works inside the White House, works on the national security team, works in the State Department. At some point, you are working for a president who is not fit to lead, who is going to do something crazy in five minutes, one hour, tonight or tomorrow. What more do you need to hear from him to start thinking 25th Amendment or something else? This is not okay. This is not normal. And this is where we are."

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