Gutfeld: ‘The Democratic Party Has No Ideas, and No Stances Because They’re Busy Chasing Their Oppression Ratio’

‘That’s the real crime’


GUTFELD: "I’m against all violence, Juan. I understand certain protesters showed up wearing mask. I’m always skeptical of people who wears masks. I don’t think the other fellas were wearing masks and there was vandalism and that’s all I know but let's stick to identity politics. It’s the argument of the left that it’s white based and we left the media out of this. The media is culpable. They’re in concert with the left to create this toxic puddle of identity politics. It’s no longer now for the Democratic Party to be about the content of your character. It’s a now the color of your ancestor’s skin. This is not what Martin Luther King anticipated. So what's happened, the result is the Democratic Party has no ideas, it has no stances because they’re too busy chasing their oppression ratio. Who is more oppressed in this intersectionality. You don’t have anything to say about the war in Afghanistan or cyber terror or automation or Saudi Arabia or Iran or black on black crime or anything because you’re too obsessed with your skin color and who is more oppressed. That’s the real crime. And the candidate that wins for the Democrats is the one who rejects that."

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