Juan Williams Tears into Kanye: ‘A Shameful Example of Behavior in the Presence of a Powerful White Man’

‘This is ridiculous, absurd’

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WILLIAMS: "Let me finish. You hear this man, say stuff like, Trump is on a hero’s journey. Maybe he’s on a folly. I don’t know. But it all looked like, some guy ranting, and I am, personally offended, by the kind of profanity he brought there. I don’t understand why anybody would tolerate that. I don’t get this. When you have people like Common, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar doing things with President Obama, the right wing went nuts, they said these guys are rappers, some of them associate with thugs and gangsters. What about this guy? The man who insulted Republicans, the man who has nothing to say other than his hat gives him super power is a Republican hero? This is ridiculous, it's absurd. And Don Lemon, amen. This is someone who is a shameful example of behavior in the presence of a powerful white man."

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