Mark Warner: ‘It’s Almost Open Season on Journalists’ in Europe and the Middle East

‘I’ve seen some of those public reports’


WARNER: "Well, Wolf, I want to let the Turkish officials, if they have evidence — I’ve seen some of those public reports. I think the world would need to see. I think there needs to be in a sense almost an international transparent investigation. I’m not going to be able to comment about what I may have seen in a classified setting. But this is an extraordinarily serious crime, if this proves to be the case. And unfortunately, as you and your colleagues probably know more than most, we have seen this pattern repeat itself in many countries in Europe and in the Middle East where — in many ways, it’s almost open season on journalists who might disagree with their home country’s government. And those are disturbing traits. It’s disturbing traits when you have our own President call out the fake media, and fake news and in many of his own rallies. And in a sense, incent folks to take a fairly dim view of journalists. This is not the way our country is based, and frankly, as we have said all along, a president’s words have power and meaning that extend way beyond our shores."

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