Bill Nelson on Michael Aftermath: ‘I’m Looking at Live Oak Trees that Are Nothing But Sticks’

‘I have seen pine forests that are nothing but snapped in two’


SCIUTTO: “As senator, you have seen a lot of hurricanes come through Florida. Tell us what you’re seeing there now and how this compares."
NELSON: "I’m in a location just outside of downtown. I’m looking at live oak trees that are nothing but sticks. I've seen pine forests that are nothing but snapped in two, pine trunks, debris everywhere. Obviously, this is bad -- but this, what I’m looking at, these bare oak trees right now, is on the other side of the worst side of the storm, which was to the east, which I’ll be going to later today, the place called Mexico Beach. They got the full brunt of the water and the wind without any barrier island out in front of it protecting it."

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