Schiff: Trump Has ‘No Problem Maintaining a Good Relationship with People Who Are Murdering Others’

‘So this doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker, sadly, for the president of the United States’


SCIUTTO: "Do you hear not only in Bolton’s comments but the president’s comments, Mnuchin’s travel plans, do you hear the administration hedging here on how far it’s going to go with Saudi Arabia?"
SCHIFF: "Absolutely. And you know, look, I think there are several things at play here. The first is the president has financial interests with the Saudis and has for a very long time. And we know the president’s financial interests drive a lot of his thinking and decision making, but they have also invested so much in the crown prince. They have backed him, I think, quite without restriction in terms of prosecuting the war in Yemen, they have backed Saudi in the conflict with Qatar, so they put a lot of their investment in the Middle East in the House of Saud. And if the house comes falling down and they’re forced to acknowledge that has been a failure, it’s a big problem for the administration. But -- but you know, we also have to consider the fact that the president seems to have no problem maintaining a good relationship with people who are murdering others around the world. Certainly, that’s true of Putin and the president’s relationship, it’s true of his relationship with Kim Jong-Un, who says he loves, who there’s every reason to believe murdered one of his own family in an airport in another country. So this doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker, sadly, for the president of the United States."

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