Kinzinger: If Saudis Killed Khashoggi, There Needs To Be ‘Significant Consequences’

‘There needs to be significant consequences to that’


KINZINGER: "Well, if it’s true, and it appears that it is, that he was murdered in their consulate by an assassination team, there needs to be some significant consequences to that. I think that’s maybe eventually targeted sanctions on individuals or any other host of things available to this administration of which they know way more than any member of Congress or Senate in terms of the tools. What we have to be careful about, though, Jon, there are some people that are saying we’ll cut off all relations with Saudi Arabia. These are some people even on my side of the aisle that have been pining for a day when we can cut off relations with Saudi Arabia for whatever reason. There has to be something in the middle between do nothing and cut off all relations. Let’s keep in mind, in Syria, there are 500,000 dead Syrians, 50,000 which are children, and Iran has responsibility with that, obviously Syria does, and so does Russia. So there needs to be consequences, but let’s not jump off the deep end and say let’s never talk to the Saudis again."

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