CNN: Pope Francis Accepts Cardinal Wuerl’s Resignation But Asks Him to Stay on As Interim Administrator

‘Pope Francis issued a personal letter to Cardinal Wuerl praising him for the nobility’


ALLEN: "This ends about three months of speculation since the Pennsylvania grand jury report appeared in mid-August, August 14th, in which Cardinal Wuerl figured prominently for his handling of at least three cases of clergy sex abuse when he was the Bishop of Pittsburgh, he was mentioned over 200 times in that report. Over the last three months there have been steady calls for his resignation, including from some of his own priests and some of his own faithful in Washington. Today Pope Francis did accept his resignation, as expected, although two interesting notes there, Alisyn. One, and this is unusual, he asked Cardinal Wuerl to stay on as the interim administrator in Washington until a successor is named. The other is that Pope Francis issued a personal letter to Cardinal Wuerl praising him for the nobility of the way he has handled this situation and saying he is proud of him. All of that, Alisyn, would indicate that while Donald Wuerl may no longer be the Archbishop of Washington anymore as of today, he may still have Pope Francis’ ear."

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