MSNBC’s Matt Bradley on Michael: This Was a Historic Hurricane

‘These streets are now littered with the Spanish moss that was hanging from these trees’


BRADLEY: “These streets are now littered with the Spanish moss that was hanging from these trees. These are also a major threat not just for life and limb, but for power outages. Because these trees, which cover 50 percent of the air over Tallahassee, are now falling down. So that’s why we have power outages for 111,000 residents of Tallahassee. There's another thing I want to show you. When you look up here, these trees, they’ve also been hitting some of these transformers. That can cause a major threat for people if they’re walking around and trying to grab on to the trees. It’s a hazard for the many first responders who have come out trying to restore power and trying to clean up some of this debris all over the city. So as we’re working ahead, this is going to be a problem, a big expense for this city and for a lot of the surrounding regions. But I want to tell you, Stephanie, this city of Tallahassee was expecting the very worst. They launched their first ever extreme wind warning yesterday. That was for winds that were over 130 miles per hour. This was a historic hurricane. It was supposed to unleash massive damage on Florida’s capital."

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