Juan Williams: Rushed ObamaCare Launch Is GOP’s Fault for Opposing It

‘People in the White House ... felt there is such massive opposition ... that they did not want to say we need to slow down’

BAIER: “Now is that kind of something bad for Sebelius, the fact that Jeff Zinst has to come in and manage something that she was supposed to manage?”
WILLIAMS: “I don’t think she’s a technological manager. I think that you as HHS secretary would assign this to people who were supposed to make the technology work. I do think that, given what we heard in that sound bite from I forget the expert’s name, that they were told, people were told, and I think Nina is exactly right, that people in the White House and in HHS felt there is such massive opposition from the Republicans that they did not want to say, ‘You know, we need to slow down a little bit because we don't have the technology in order.’ So they were willing to just say, ‘Let's roll it out, see how it works for now.’ And so over the first 20 days it has not worked well, but I would just caution in the midst of all of this piling on that, gee, you know, it's been three weeks. I think 20 days it's out. It’s supposed to be a six-month rollout. President Obama says, I believe, 20 million people have visited this site, a half million people have already signed up. And…”

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