Hillary: ‘Republicans Have Systematically Suppressed Voters,’ as Many as 12 Million Voters

‘If they should show up, we would win’


CLINTON: "I think that both sides will be galvanized. It's just a question of who actually takes those feelings and shows up to vote, and it always comes down to that. We have more voters who favor Democratic candidates. One of the tragedies of what’s happened in our electoral system is the Republicans have systematically suppressed voters, probably as many, Christiane, as 12 million voters were purged by Republican governments in states between 2012 and 2016. We have all kinds of questions about the security of our voting machines. So we know that Democrats have to turn out in even bigger numbers in a lot of congressional districts and states to be successful because they’re being, you know, pushed back by a headwind that is trying to prevent them or discourage them from voting. But if but if Democrats, and I not only include Democrats, I include Republicans who are worried about the direction of this Administration, independents who want to see more accountability. If they show up, we should win."

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