CNN’s Sciutto Snaps at Guest Pointing Out Ford’s Story Lacked Evidence

‘Are you saying that she’s been proven to be wrong or a liar here?’

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SCIUTTO: “Well, Matt Lewis, sorry, you said there wasn’t any evidence. I suppose you could argue there was no irrefutable evidence. But are you saying that Dr. Ford and her testimony, who even the president called — which even the president called credible. Are you saying that she’s been proven to be wrong or a liar here?”
LEWIS: “No, I just still think that’s evidence. She made an allegation —“
SCIUTTO: “Exactly —“
LEWIS: “That was unsubstantiated. Now, I don’t know if she may — she may be right, she may have misremembered. But there was no evidence to corroborate her allegation.”
SCIUTTO: “Salena, as you look at the numbers here — and obviously men and women, understandably, have a different view, not across the board, but it’s in the polling that Poppy was citing here. Where does this leave the Republican Party as we are four weeks out from the midterms? We know the party already had a deficit with women, particularly suburban women. And that’s shown in a lot of provisional election —“
HARLOW: “Yes —“
SCIUTTO: “In the last year. Where does the party stand with women voters as we approach the midterms?”
ZITO: “Much better than it did ten days ago. Republican enthusiasm is up — “
SCIUTTO: “How is it better?”
ZITO: “Well, the enthusiasm —“
SCIUTTO: “I was very specific about women because that’s not — it’s not in these numbers. I mean, enthusiasm in the party, but not among women voters.”

(h/t NewsBusters)

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