Wall Street Journal Reports It’s ‘Very Difficult’ To Find Hillary Clinton Supporters in Iowa

‘We found a lot of enthusiasm for Elizabeth Warren, even Bernie Sanders … but for Hillary Clinton, we found people sort of had a grudging acceptance of her’

"We interviewed more than half of the Democratic country chairs in Iowa, its 99 counties. It was very difficult for us to find very many people for whom Hillary Clinton was their first choice. We found a lot of enthusiasm for Elizabeth Warren, even for Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont. But for Hillary Clinton we found people were -- sort of had a grudging acceptance of her, or saw her as the second choice, but not a lot of enthusiasm and that's really due to couple of factors.

One is they perceive her as too centrist, too tight to Wall Street. They mentioned financial contributions that different corporations have given to her family's charity over the years. They want somebody who would stand up to big bangs and for that reason they seem like more excited about Elizabeth Warren. But they also, as you mentioned in your introduction, they don't want coronation they want a competitive primary where polices would get debated and if nothing else it would force -- perhaps force Hillary Clinton define her views and move left."

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