CNN’s Toobin: ‘Merrick Garland Was Being Held Hostage in the Summer of 2016’

‘Merrick Garland was being held hostage in the summer of 2016, and Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton mentioned Garland’


TOOBIN: "You know this has been something — I have covered the Supreme Court for decades now and it has always been interesting for me the way Republicans are far more focused. Merrick Garland was being held hostage during the summer of 2016, and neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton even mentioned Merrick Garland during the Democratic convention in 2016, and that issue just sort of fell away for their party. Perhaps that will change now, perhaps it won’t. The only thing I would say about viewing this in political terms is that Kavanaugh himself is more important than the politics. He's going to be deciding cases when none of us can remember who won the 2018 mid-term elections. I mean, this is how important the substance of this confirmation is. And I just think it’s worth keeping an eye on that when you think about abortion rights, when you think about gay rights, when you think about affirmative action, voting rights, all of that is in Brett Kavanaugh’s hands and will be for a long time."

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