Madeleine Albright: ‘Trump is Almost a Gift to Putin’

‘I do think that he does see some kind of kinship with Putin’


ALBRIGHT: "I do think what is interesting, we have both been involved in decision making systems. The history of this country as we know how to make decisions. I teach about all of this at Georgetown. The decision making process simply does not work. The President goes and does his own thing. Then somebody says, he meant to say. Then somebody — he disagrees with that. I do think that he does see some kind of kinship with Putin and the Russians are trying very hard to undermine our democracy and to separate us from our allies. I think in many ways Trump is almost a gift to Putin in terms of trying to explain why should we deal with those Europeans or why should we have anything to do with NATO. I just visualize — I bet you do, Colin, kind of, can you imagine going back to your office and thinking, how did that happen, why is he saying this, this doesn’t make any sense, because as ambassador McFaul said, there are some pretty good things that are going on in terms of cooperating with our allies on sanctions, because of their attempts to poison people and a variety of things. I think that the President is not exactly following the decision making process."

(h/t Mediaite)

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