Gutfeld: Dems Are ‘Actually the Anti-Female Party Because They Allowed Avenatti to Hijack Their Party

‘They are actually the anti-female party because they allowed Avenatti to hijack their party’


GUTFELD: "If I had a driver’s license, I would rent a station wagon, pick up five people every hour and get them to the voting poll. I am that disgusted by this process. It started the moment the Hawaiian senator told men to shut up. That was the beginning of the hatred of men. The Democrats in the Senate, it became the anti-male party. But now, when I think about it more, they are actually the anti-female party because they allowed Avenatti to hijack their party and essentially do irreparable damage to women who should be believed. They diminished men and the role of men in life and then they jumped on to certain claims that were just preposterous. Now, every time you hear an accusation you are going to go, 'Oh, yeah, I remembered what happened with Kavanaugh. The gang rapes and the red solo cups and all of this stuff.' The Democrats are in danger of oblivion, long-term oblivion. They have alienated an entire gender, men, and they have disgusted their wives, sisters, and daughters.”

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