Angus King on Trump NYT Tax Report: It Appears ‘To Be End Runs Around the Tax Laws in Order To Convey a Very Large Sum of Money to the Family’

‘Not only to Donald Trump, but to his siblings’


KING: "I have read the first few paragraphs. I read the White House reaction or actually the president’s lawyer’s reaction. I think it is important, there’s nothing wrong with inheriting money from your family. The question is how did it get there and was it done in such a way as to avoid tax laws in an illegal way, avoidance of taxes again is legal. But the article raises serious questions about the methodology of how the money was transferred. You know, I think we’re back to eventually this story is going to be something like Howard baker’s famous question, what did the president know and when did he know it. Clearly he didn’t know when he was three years old that he was getting a $200,000 a year salary, but at some point was he aware of these various machinations that appear — and it is important to emphasize appear because, as I say, the story just came out today, that appear to be end runs around the tax laws in order to convey a very large sum of money to the family. Not only to Donald Trump, but to his siblings."

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