Nina Turner: I Felt Empathy for Kellyanne Conway When She Opened up on Her Sexual Assault

‘This whole situation has triggered lots of emotions and people are bubbling up’


TURNER: "The assault part, you know, touched — you know, this whole situation has triggered lots of emotions and people are bubbling up. You know, just a maelstrom if you will of emotion. I felt empathy right away. I’m not sure what she meant about people have to be responsible for their own actions. Now in a lot of ways, you know, victims of sexual assault and rape, you can’t say that that person is responsible for that happening. I’m not saying that’s what she was trying to say but right after that — and I think, you know, being able to reveal that just like that, she probably wasn’t planning to reveal that and then she immediately went to the next. But this is — I do agree with the governor, this is a watershed moment for this country. And I hope more good can come from this. Not only listening to women, Kellyanne brought up great points about what happened. You know, some victims are listened to and some are not. And we have to stop that in this country."

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