Trump on Kavanaugh: Democratic ‘Con Artists’ Are ‘Laughing Like Hell’ at Destroying His Reputation

‘I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they pulled off on you and on the public’

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TRUMP: "Well, the FBI told us they've investigated Judge Kavanaugh six times, five times, many times over the years. They know him very well. Here there was nothing to investigate from at least one standpoint. They didn't know the location. They didn't know the time. They didn't know the year. They didn't know anything. And it's like, where do you go? Also, it's not for the FBI. If you look at what Joe Biden said. He said, they don't do this. And he said it very clearly. So I think when you really look at it all, it's not going to change any of the Democrats' minds. They're obstructionists. They're actually con artists, because they know how quality this man is, and they have destroyed a man's reputation. And they want to destroy it even more. And I think people are going to see that in the mid terms. What they have done to this family, what they have done to these children. These beautiful children of his. And what they have done to his wife. And they know it's a big, fat con job. And they go into a room, and I guarantee you, they laugh like hell at what they pulled off on you and on the public. They laugh like hell. So it wouldn't have mattered if the FBI came back with a cleanest score. And you understand that very well, John. If they would have come back with the most perfect, we found everything and he's perfectly innocent of everything. It wouldn't have made a difference. You wouldn't have gotten one vote. Now, we will get votes from the Democrats if we win. You'll have three, four or five Democrats giving us votes. Because they're in states that I won by 30 and 40 points, and they're going to give us votes. But other than that, you probably won't get any, John. Yes, go ahead, please."
REPORTER: "Mr. President, there are now three women accusing judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. Are you saying that all three of those women are liars? Is there anything that could be said at this point tomorrow that could cause you to withdraw the nomination? Anything?"
TRUMP: "I won't get into that game. I only tell you this. This is one of the highest quality people that I have ever met. And everybody that knows him says the same thing. And these are all false, to me. These are false accusations in certain cases, and certain cases even the media agrees with that. I can only say that what they have done to this man is incredible. You know, it's very interesting. I pick a lot of judges. I have 145 judges I will be picking by the end of a fairly short period of time. Because President Obama wasn't big on picking judges. When I got there, I said, how is this possible? I have 145, including court of appeals judges. And they just didn't do it. You know why? They got tired. They got complacent. Something happened. I have 145 judges. Everybody wants to be a federal judge. Not just a Supreme Court judge. I'm talking about court of appeals. I'm talking about district court. I don't think they're going to want to so much. I'll be calling people, and we'll have people calling people that do this. And people are going to be scared, because we could say it about you. 35 years ago, you met -- and you might know -- you might not know what's going on. What is going on? Why did they wait so long? Why did senator Feinstein wait until the hearings were over and make this case? Why didn't she bring it right at the beginning, when you ask about, as an example, the FBI. Why didn't they bring this right at the beginning? During the hearing? You would have had all the time in the world for the FBI. It would have been fine. Now, the FBI, as you know, did investigate this time, as they have five or six other times. And they did a very thorough investigation. But this is a big con job. And I would love to be in the room with the Democrats, close the door, you guys are all away, outside, waiting. And Schumer and his buddies are all in there laughing, how they fooled you all. Let's just stop them a big fat con. Go ahead."
REPORTER: "Mr. President, if I could follow up, you have daughters. Can you understand why a victim of sexual assault would not report it at the time? Don't you understand?"
TRUMP: "By the way, I only say this -- 36 years. No charge. No nothing."
REPORTER: "But -- that happens often."
TRUMP: "People are going to have to make a decision. 36 years. There's no charge. All of a sudden, the hearings are over. And the rumors start coming out. And then you have this other con artist, avenatti, come out with another beauty today. I only say that you have to look at the facts to. The senators are very capable people. They're very good people. I know many of them. They're friends of mine. These are very talented, very good people. And they are going to vote. They're going oh have to believe what they believe. I can -- when I look at what's happened to the reputation of a great gentleman, a great intellect, a brilliant man, somebody that has a chance to be one of our great Supreme Court justices in history, intellectually, I think it's a shame."

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