Fox’s Howard Kurtz Grills Katrina Pierson over Trump’s Christine Ford Tweet: ‘I’m Not Going To Disagree with That’

As a parent, I insist that her story be told; but it should be told to the Maryland police department’


PIERSON: "I think after a few days and more and more we find out that there is no evidence and there is no corroboration, what we know is that the Democrats didn’t deem these allegations to be credible because they had them two months ago. There was no reports to the authorities at that time. Not even to the committee or to Judge Kavanaugh himself. And you could argue, Howard, that the Democrats never believed these allegations because they didn’t adopt them until after they were leaked. It’s truly unfortunate that this woman trusted the Democrats with clearly a tragedy in her life, and not only did they betray her confidence, but they thrust her tragedy into the public sphere. I will tell you as a woman, I believe her story should be heard. As a parent, I insist that her story be told. But it should be told to the Maryland police department. The United States Senate — Howard: Shouldn’t be told to the Senate Judiciary Committee?"

(Via Mediaite)

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